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SSMC Family Camp}
Monday, August 24, 2015 | 7:46 AM | 0Comment

SSMC has been having family camp once every year and this year itself it is something that cannot be missed. It's good that daddy make it a point to come every year.

It turns out to be a topic touching mostly on parenting,  Building Strong Relationship and Community'. The speaker was very good, but I guess it was not quite related to the youth. 

Maybe in the future.

During our free times we went hiking to the lighthouse. It was a steep way up but we made it anyways. 
Journey up hill. 

7 guys 3 girls.

The view from the lighthouse was amazing. Unfortunately it was very hot and sunny. 

We took some selfies and quickly rush uphill to what the JS people called the secret place. 

The hike downhill to the private beach was again a tough one. We went in a line with Shaun taking the lead following by the girl and the guy. The guys were very gentleman, helping me to carry my heavy bag that contain all their phones, wallet, power bank etc.

The secret place, a private beach.

The water so crystal clear, I can see my feet underneath. 

Leaving our marks here. 

What we found in the sea. Crab. 

On the last night, instead of having session again, we had a celebration night and prayer.

Proud of this two who have volunteered to conduct the icebreaker. 

Daddy playing scissors paper stone with Uncle Yan. Winner gets peanuts. :)

 Claps to granduncle. Yes my granduncle. 

 Parents being paparazi, taking photos of their children performing on stage. 

Photographer position always at the front. Good view. 

That night, we stayed tilll 4am. We played many rounds of mafia and talked about everything about life (relationship, family, friends, faith etc). Seeing all these youth so open and united makes this journey of faith so much interesting and exciting. It is indeed alot to work on, at least this is a new and good start.

Thank you God.

SCF Family. }
Sunday, August 16, 2015 | 8:47 PM | 0Comment

Many times I have been asked by people what makes me joined SCF, 4 YEARS SINCE. Well, the answer is SCF reminds me so much of my CF back in the high school days. They were family to me. This semester itself I was given a responsibility. CREATIVE TEAM COORDINATOR. Something that I actually doubted myself in the beginning. But all thanks to the big man up above and the committees and advisers who have given me the support. 

And thanks to my assistant, Miriam Ho. :) 

All the committees will take turn to MC. This is one of my MC session, the farewell party. 

Sunway Christian Fellowship 2015-1 Committees. 


Lead a CG with Denis. I was his assistant. 

Members of yellow CG. more who are not in the pictures. :) Despite being the smallest cf among all we bonded. 

I honestly have no idea how to lead a group as I usually not the one who will talk first but this have taught me so much to really voice out and conduct a discussion.  

Here's some proper photo from farewell. 


Sunsilk commercial

When the camera was left unattended. 

Table mates over dinner.

Introducing the new president for semester 2. Can't be proud of my four time since primary school. then primary school all the way to university junior. 

Meeting new people again this semester. YAY! 

Tuesday, August 04, 2015 | 6:41 AM | 0Comment

Christmas day for the year of 2014 was a totally different thing for me. as always, there's something to be excited for.

Christmas Gathering @ The Tans residence. 

These people who just came back from youth camp (which I can't attend due to my final) are closer after the camp. So the Ezekiel were also invited to the bbq dinner. 

Christmas Decoration at The Foos. Dropped by their place to drop off daddy's and Uncle Andrew's East Malaysia student, then off I go to the Tan's residence for BBQ gathering. :) 

After that week, no more chilling day for us. We were due to come out with a proposal on how to decoration the church. It was kinda hard for us to meet the deadline as I am still having finals and Crystal is busy with her work at Polpetta. We have to submit the proposal by 19 December which was also the last day of my finals. 

The decoration team, introducing Shaun and Crystal. 

Before. Spot the team mate.  

Spent most of my time here brain storming for ideals. Egbert was suppose to be in the team too, but he was pretty busy with his cafe. Crystal who is working there get to have her off time at 4pm. We then started brainstorming. 

Youth Christmas BBQ

The decoration is finally up after spending most of the weekdays at church. 

Of all the days we have to stay back late to put up the decoration, I am thankful especially to JiaMin, Uncle William and Rosie who offer help. Rosie even stayed back with us till late to help us out. 

Shaun briefing the Levis about the bbq. Without even settling the decoration, another thing came out. We are in charge of the youth bbq. Again, great help came. 

The worship team.

Shaun Yeoh. 

Merry Christmas. 

Crystal's idea. 

It's very creativity though. 

We have more help coming in that Saturday, Joshua and Belle. 

Levis in charge of the bbq. 

Gamee time. 

so good. 

Egbert came to help too. 

Camera woman. 

Chilling while waiting for the food to be served. 

The hungry face. 

So thankful that these Levi guys stayed back to help me. Putting back the decoration at the back stage. 

Bro took a candid shot of us sending get well soon wish to Joy who was sick at home. 

Christmas day rehearsing after the youth bbq. 

More work to be continue. MY TIRED FACE. 

We stayed up till late again that day. 

Christmas Open house

We stayed at church the whole day since morning.

Keeping themselves entertained. 

so much of dramas.

Christmas Day.

Yong Jerng learns to walk. 



Great helper. 

Our masterpiece. 

It was tiring but seeing that is well. I'm happy and thankful my team.